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Ep 20: Lost Ones When the Bill Comes Due

The sun is shining, we are all vaxed up, and we should be roaming free and living, right? How many of us feel lost or stuck going nowhere fast?!? Come through as Tamu and Aaron look to find any damn destination but the one they are currently on, y'all! In celebration of all things Summer, they gush over their favorite 1990s summertime jams, One More Chance by Notorious B.I.G and Together Again by Janet Jackson. Come through with a cool drink, your dream board, and some watermelon! 
  1. Ep 20: Lost Ones
  2. EP 19: Rainbow Bonnets
  3. EP 18: Happy To Be Nappy
  4. Ep 17: Tough Love
  5. Ep 16: Rancid Hotdish