Episode Guide

Ep 11: Double Stuff Oreos When the Bill Comes Due

Are you black enough? Aaron and Tamu chat about the challenges of being cultured and black. Come through as we spill all the tea and highlight another butterfly black history moment! And their love of the 90s continues with gone too soon, beautiful,  George Michael’s Freedom ‘90. Come through – we talkin’ milk and Oreos type of bills!
  1. Ep 11: Double Stuff Oreos
  2. Ep 10: Love Smorgasbord
  3. Ep 9: From Roots to Wakanda
  4. Ep 8: French Kissing in the USA
  5. Ep 7: American Duality
  6. Ep 6: Profiles in Privilege
  7. Ep 5: 8 Christmas Trees
  8. Ep 4: The Color Chip
  9. Ep 3: A Wolf Driving A Sheep's Minivan
  10. Ep 2: The Contortionists