I’ve been married to my husband for almost 18 years and I have never written a song about our relationship. At times, I’ve tried to analyze why that was and my general feeling is that I have not been given an example of heartbreak to flesh out in lyrical form. I’ve been writing music since I was 7 years old and sad love songs are my whole ass wheelhouse! Anyway, I talked on our upcoming episode about hearing a beautiful song by MAJOR titles Honest. I was laying in bed, crying because this song had such an emotional impact on me. It explained everything I couldn’t say in a son I wrote to my husband. Because I’m wired to focus on the hurtful parts of love and make them beautiful, it has been hard to write about a love affair that is fine. Anyway, I wanted to share this beautiful song and hope someone else finds it comforting to hear that you are not the only one.

I’m tired of giving you less than truth
When truth is what is pulling me through
I’ve been trying to be perfection
When broken is what makes us humanI just want to be honest
I just want to be honest
With all my faults around
I may let you down
I just want to be honest
Ooh… honest
I can’t do it without you
Don’t want to let’s you down, no.

Songwriters: Harmony Samuels / Varren Wade / Major Finley / Edgar EtienneHonest lyrics © Emi April Music Inc., Darkchild Songs, Razor And Tie Music Publishing, H Money Music

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