Tough Love

Mariah Carey’s Emotions was released in 1991. The song Till The End Of Time was one of my on repeat songs. I often wonder why this song and countless other love songs resonate with me. I think it was because I was trying to teach myself what love was supposed to be. I was raised by parents and loved ones of the Jim Crowe era. I wholly believe the love from a black family is hard and often tough to swallow. I have children of my own and whatever unspoken lessons being taught when I was a kid certainly passed into my parenting. I recall often seeing other white parents handle their children so very differently from my own. For a time, my kids knew what not to do in public. But seeing other parents interact with my own kid’s rendered me insecure and questioning my own parenting. I say many times to my kids “I’m not your homeboy. We not friends. “ Raising Black Children Is Different. That struck me tonight dealing with one of my older boys. He’s a lot and it’s not often his fault. Anyway, the night ended not so favorable and consequences ensued – early bedtime, no book. The usual. This time it didn’t feel right. I walked into my son’s room and I said “you know we are best friends, right? We butt heads for a reason and I just want the best for you. We are the same. “ He lit up and smiled from ear to ear. I got it son. You needed to hear that – and I needed to see your beautiful smile to know we were gonna be okay. As we are learning to live together. Brain dump – 🦋 Check out our podcast!!!

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